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Sci Tech Program

SciTech is an after-school science program for girls in grades 4-5. Thanks to a grant through the Motorola Corporation, the Reuben H Fleet Center comes to Kimbrough Elementary once a week on Thursdays to experiment, investigate, and have fun with projects. Our students have built solar powered houses, explored forensic science, cleaned up an oil spill, saved a stranded person on a bridge after an earthquake, and attempted to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

Each Spring, the girls compete with other schools in a SciTech challenge. They take real-world challenges and attempt to find a solution.

If you are a 4th or 5th grade girl who is interested in becoming involved with SciTech, talk to your teacher or see Hector Gonzalez in Room 113.

Scitech Logo

SciTech is an after school program developed by the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center for fourth through sixth grade girls at San Diego elementary schools. The girls meet twice a week to engage in hands-on science investigations on everything from solar car design to the chemistry of cosmetics. Through project-based learning, the girls make concrete connections to everyday life while developing creative thinking and problem solving skills that they will use throughout their lives.

Our Mission

SciTech inspires girls to become innovative and creative thinkers by fostering excitement and interest in science, technology, and engineering.

Through inquiry-based, collaborative investigations and interactions with female role models, SciTech aims to:

  • Build self-confidence and scientific literacy among girls in San Diego area schools
  • Foster an interest in science, technology, and engineering careers
  • Make science accessible to girls in underrepresented communities
  • Develop connections between girls and the local scientific community

On Saturday, February 16, ten of the girls from Sci Tech went on a field trip to Time Warner Cable. There, they learned how satellites transmit signals to earth (using Q-tips as the signals), how to translate those signals into a message (using multi-colored post-its), and how to send messages using binary codes. They also saw a model of how cable signals are sent to homes using lasers and mirrors. The field trip is part of the Connect a Million Minds initiative sponsored by Time Warner Cable. To see more information on Connect a Million Minds and Time Warner Cable, visit the Sci Tech Field Trip page under the Activities tab of Kimbrough's website.
SciTech Girls Asteroid Challenge--Landing an Unmanned Probe on an Asteroid

SciTech Students

Members of our after school program emulate scientists attempting to land an unmanned probe on an asteroid. They must design a device for an Earth-based test to safely deploy scientific instruments from a spacecraft to three vastly different areas on a simulated asteroid. Watch them use skill, ingenuity and teamwork to successfully land their probes!

Tech Challenge

Scenario: Scientists and engineers are considering the feasibility of sending mining missions to selected asteroids and returning valuable minerals to the Earth. The first step in an ambitious program like this would be to send an unmanned probe to an asteroid to determine the extent to which it contains valuable minerals.

In the asteroid challenge on March 2, girls from the Fleet’s SciTech after school program will design a device for an earth-based test to safely deploy scientific instruments from a spacecraft to three specific areas on a simulated asteroid. This competition will be viewable to the public in the Science Center and many community scientists will be participating as judges.

Click here for more information on the tech challenge.

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